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Cristobal Ochoa

Cristóbal Ochoa (Caracas, Venezuela, 1986) is a versatile artist who expresses his creative vitality through means as different as: sculptural ceramic, painting, drawing, performance, and corporeal and urban interventions.

His creative work and being derives from the inevitable need to express his existential experiences; he assumes this inner revelation process with complete passion, honesty and dedication. Ochoa does not make concessions in his work.

The succinctness of his life experience in an aesthetic, ephemeral or lasting fact is the essential search that we perceive in his work. In this sense, the chosen means has a secondary significance. Nonetheless, with any of them he manages to reveal the different nuances of his creative inquiry and evidence the communicating vessels which give him coherence and permeability to his plastic or sculptural approach.

Ochoa has primarily expressed himself through ceramic, without leaving aside painting and drawing. Likewise, he has done urban interventions painting great murals in which he frequently integrates the accidental features of the mural to the work. In this way, besides the artistic intention in the work, the perilous action of time and environmental factors are also present. The artist becomes an entity that integrates itself with the environment for the creation of a plastic or sculptural fact.

Cristobal Ochoa

“Ceramic interests me precisely because it is a traditional means that relies on little participation with young artists. I seek to make it vulnerable by painting it with sprays, by intervening it with small wooden sticks or skewers and other materials, by employing techniques that break with the habitual. It is a form of resuming the tradition from a more contemporary vision.”

Ochoa is aware that the seduction-rejection duality is one of the underlying metaphors in his works. The spiny thorns inserted in the ceramic core, as well as other coarse textures that seem rough to the touch, are a clear illusion to the psychological defenses or armors that the contemporary man creates in order to conceal or to protect his inner self. His weaknesses and fears, and consequently to protect himself from the aggression resulting from an outer world that we do not control. In this same way, textures, colors and sinuosity of shapes, generally in the interior of the pieces, are used as elements of seduction that capture the observer in the eternal enchantment of the rejection-seduction duality.

The artist deliberately invites the interaction or direct touch of the observer with the work, as we previously pointed out, the pieces seduce and intimidate in unison. As in all ensembles, there are singularities, some more seductive, others more intimidating. However, all of them can be felt in their own way. It is practically impossible to remain indifferent to any of Ochoa’s works.

Cristobal Ochoa

The sculptural ceramic of Ochoa is populated by a concert of works with clear references to an imaginary marine fauna and flora. Likewise, the allusions to both masculine and feminine erotic anatomy are also common. Even though in some pieces it is difficult to achieve any affiliation with something known, the sensuality and sinuosity of the shapes are omnipresent elements. In some of his pieces the contraposition between a skin comprised of a series of scales or leathery textures is obvious, with or without pointed elements, and an interior that shows itself or it can be intuited as smooth and subtle, in its shape, color or texture.

“I generally look to represent aggressiveness and defense in my sculptures through prominent and sharp textures. In some of those sculptures I have developed holes or perforations, attempting to achieve the opposite sensation: passivity and vulnerability of the bodies, unprotected, penetrable to their interior. I seek to stop people for one second, take them out of their visual routine, envelop them for an instant in my imagination.”


Group Exhibitions
2009 Suiche Urbano. Monte Ávila University. Caracas, Venezuela.
2009 Los Conos de Madre. Por El Medio de la Calle. Caracas, Venezuela.
2009 El Sitio. Carora, Venezuela.
2009 36 Salon Nacional de las Artes del Fuego. Braulio Salazar Gallery. Valencia, Venezuela.
2010 I Bienal de Papel. Braulio Salazar Gallery. Valencia, Venezuela.
2011 Uno, múltiple y variaciones. Contemporary Art Múltiple Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela.
2011 FIA. Caracas, Venezuela.
2011 Urban Arts Festival. El Pedregal. Caracas, Venezuela.
2011 38 Salon Nacional de las Artes del Fuego. Braulio Salazar Gallery. Valencia, Venezuela.
2011 Los Conos de Madre. Por el Medio de la Calle. Caracas, Venezuela.
2011 Acciones, Reacciones, y Visiones. 39 Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela.
2011 Cerámica Contemporánea. GSiete Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela.
2012 Viloria Blanco Gallery. Maracaibo, Venezuela.
2012 FIAAM. Viloria Blanco Gallery. Maracaibo, Venezuela.
2013 Venezuelan Artists. Xein Jeno Gallery. Seul, South Korea.
2013 Zibo MACSABAL Symposium. Zibo-Jinan, China.
2014 Encounters. Artistic residency and group exhibition in Brighton, England.
2014 Translations. Regional Arts Salon. Brighton, England.
2014 Performance. Brighton Festival. Brighton, England.
2015 ORGÁNICA. Centro de las Artes Integradas. Caracas, Venezuela.
2015 La Oficina de San Jerónimo. La Casa del Lector. Matadero, Madrid, España.
2017 Experimentum Y. Centro cultural del boulevard de Asia. Lima, Perú.
Solo Exhibitions
2011 Enconos. La Guayaba Verde. Caracas, Venezuela.
2011 Introyección. Contemporary Art Múltiple Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela.
2012 Proyecciones. El Gato Gallery. Bogotá, Colombia.
2013 Simbiosis. GSiete Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela.
2015 Artistic Residency and Solo Exhibition. Lyon, France.
2016 ESTAR. Galeria Beatriz Gil. Caracas, Venezuela.
2016 INTERCLUSIONES. Viloria Blanco Galeria. Maracaibo, Venezuela.
Awards & Recognitions
2009 Bolsa de Trabajo Award. 36 Salón Nacional de las Artes del Fuego. Valencia, Venezuela.
2010 1st place Drawing Contest, hosted by Diesel.
2011 ACAF Recognition, 36 Salón Nacional de las Artes del Fuego. Valencia, Venezuela.
2011 "Ayer fui, hoy soy" Recognition, Urban Culture Mention, Coca-Cola. Caracas, Venezuela.
2013 1st place Urban Arts Contest. Caracas, Venezuela.
2014 1st place Translations Salon. Arts Festival. Brighton, England.
2014 Omar Carreño Award, Young Artist Mention. Colegio de Arquitectos. Caracas, Venezuela.
2015 1st place Brighton Festival. Brighton, England.
2016 Armando Reverón Award, Young Artist Mention. AVAP. Caracas, Venezuela.
2017 EN-Foco Recognition, for his work as a graphic reporter. Alcaldía Sucre. Caracas, Venezuela.




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